Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yarn Crafts for Lefties Website

With the success for the Yarncrafts4lefties YouTube channel and the positive response to the blog postings I have decided that it is time to launch a Yarn Crafts for Lefties website.

The website will include content for left handed knitters AND crocheters.  Having a dedicated website will allow much easier access to information.  The how-to videos and blog will be housed in one place.  I began a crowd sourcing campaign on Monday June 9th with a GoFundMe page (click the hyperlink if you wish to contribute to the site launch fund.)

There are several stages to the launch goals.  The first step is the initial $200 needed to register the domain for 5 years.  To date between GoFundMe and Paypal $110 has been raised.  The remaining monies in the overall goal are broken down on the GoFundMe page.  The initial $200 is the more critical to get the site up and running.

I have been spending a great deal of time setting up the pages, linking in the videos, adding descriptions for the stitches, knitting and crocheting swatches so pictures can be taken of the various stitches to go with each video.  There is nothing like this site for left handed knitters and crocheters.  Once you see the site I have no doubts you will be thrilled with the content.

After the site is up and running donations to maintain the site will continue to be accepted via Paypal in order to continue covering the costs associated with its maintenance and growth.

Thank you for the support.  It is my pleasure being able to provide content that is useful to our community!

Please take the time to help contribute if you can.

If you wish to contribute via gofundme click here.

To contribute via paypal click the button:

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